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President Akufo-Addo upon assumption of office envisioned a country where its development will be driven by the ingenuity of Ghanaians leveraging on the nation’s endowed human and natural resources.

Ghana Beyond Aid Vision

Written By Dominic Hlordzi -Dreams, visions, ideas or plans are very essential in the life of individuals, families, communities, nations and even continental blocks. They help shape direction and serve as road map to the attainment of aspirants. It is instructive to state that the creator of the Universe encourages people to dream dreams when He declared in the book of Acts 2:17 that quote “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” Unquote.

In view of this, the question that comes to mind is, what is the motivation? Is it the financial consideration or the spiritual welfare of their members?

Resumption Of Church Activities – Return or not to Return

Written By Kwame Akodwaa-Boadia - During the President’s latest update on the coronavirus pandemic, he relaxed some of the existing restrictions. Among the list were the increase in the number of mourners from 25 to 100 for private burials, the resumption of conferences and the partial re-opening of schools. Also, on the list was the relaxation of restrictions on church activities.

Almost all the sectors of the economy are adversely affected. The banking sector, tourism, agricultural, transportation among other sectors are all affected.

Unemployment Situation In The Wake Of COVID-19. Image credit - Metro US

Written By Tulbire Ania Solomon - Undoubtedly, the greatest of all disruptive viral infections in history is coronavirus, popularly known as COVID-19. In fact the World had witnessed all kinds Infections, but none has ever caused as much headache for virologists and epidemiologists as COVID-19.

The unfortunate thing is that the growing attacks on prophets has tainted the reputation of those who are genuine due to careless generalization. This means that genuine prophets who are focused on doing the will of God will have to battle for their credibility and many will be skeptical dealing with servants of God due to the bad image portrayed in the minds of the public.

War Against False Prophets & Its Implications

Written By Richard Tawiah - For the past weeks, there have been some level of attacks on some prophets and church Leaders. A member of Parliament Kennedy Agyapong is leading the onslaught on television exposing the alleged dirty deals of some prophets and church Leaders considered fake. The MP’s crusade against “False Prophets” in the country has won the hearts of many and is receiving growing support from the public.

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