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Michael Sumaila Nlasia

  • Tribalism is a manifestation of conflict. The conflict at the micro level emerges out of the dynamics of contradictions that are inherent in all beliefs, ideas, traditional thoughts, etc. which are naturally resolved by synthesis. At the macro level, differences in ethnicity, social stratifications, organizations and movements cultivate a corollary friction resulting in social antagonisms.

    The objective of Africa’s development has been seriously undermined by tribalism, which provides one of the hunting grounds to prey on Africa’s development processes. People’s behaviour and attitude that stem from strong loyalty to one's own tribe or social group above others is tribalism. Most often than not, they are brought about by cognizance of historical legacies and the urge to prolong the anachronistic paradigm.

  • The NBA Playoffs Final is finally here! The series that makes us feel both joy and pain from the other side of the Atlantic is back. In that world of basketball are two gigantic and brawny teams. The Warriors, dubbed the ‘super team’ and the Cavaliers who have ‘The King’. Fans await the trilogy of so far another NBA final series between the duo.

  • Verily speaking, today marks the ‘Dark Days in Ghana’. February 24, dubbed by reactionaries as ‘Ghana’s Days of Liberation’ is but ‘Ghana’s Day of LIES’. Indeed, the lapse of time has not taken place of evidence, and has it neither gathered enough sand upon falsehood to equal with truth.

    Maybe on 24th February, 1966 was the day Ghana had her freedom and independence led by Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Kwesi Kotoka, Lt. General Joseph Arthur Ankrah, Brigadier Akwasi Amankwaa Afrifa and others who spearheaded the overthrow of the government of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

  • The President of Ghana has stated that the country aims to replicate China’s development model in the last three decades through the century bond. Perhaps,

    Many nations in today’s world are in serious financial dilemmas due to debt and their greatest desire is to be debt free. So, hearing something about debt is not something they are interested in; but, wisdom demands that these nations open up to fresh perspective of financial prudence to keep their economies growing.

  • In ending, the mistake and the pain of Africa which has become the subject of our ridicule are like hills under our feet.

    Preamble poem: “Nebuchadnezzar ensconced on the hanging gardens of Babylon nearer to the stars, saw the panoramic beauty of the world. He saw it as his own creation and that he was the author of the creation. There was no world beyond his and he was the author of that world.

  • Although achieving Ghana’s independence since 1957 has generally been feted, the battle for political space for activities of Parties remains unabated.

  • The reality is this: there are generalities in everything but the particularities are different. There are problems women face all over world, but they are not the same in every society. Here in Ghana, a group of feminists are using a completely wrong approach to fight very important social problems. By and large, it seems these maidens have not passed the test of womanhood as an African concept of dealing with women’s problems – which is a problem of society not a gender issue.

    There is a new social dilemma: some gender activists are calling for the flip of the narrative of gender role in our society. It is a quest for a change in the social concept towards the ‘modern day career woman’ – who is said to have worn pants and has supposedly entered the roles and responsibilities of a man.

  • The reality is that the condition of our country’s underdevelopment and other shortcomings predisposes us to seek for the crumbs the fall from the table of the capital metropolis, known as ‘aid’. The outcome of this is the retained and extended economic grip by the artful schemes of systematic ‘aid’.

    “We want to build a Ghana beyond aid; a Ghana which looks to the use of its own resources. We want to build an economy that is not dependent on charity and handouts, but an economy that will look at the proper management of its resources as the way to engineer social and economic growth in our country.”

  • Violence is a confession of failure; the confession is finally expressed physically. Thought is said to be the mother of deeds and if violence finds physical expression, then the origin of violence can be found in the understanding of society.

  • One of such action to close the infrastructure deficit is the Sinohydro bauxite - infrastructure barter between Ghana and China worth US$ 2 billion to mine bauxite at Nyinahin.

    During the mid-year budget review, the Finance Minister stated that the infrastructure deficit, which is in the region of US$30 billion, should be adequately tackled with the agreement that will see government leverage the country's bauxite deposits.

  • Innocence makes us amenable to seek the truth: although we are nothing more than a subject of thoughts, trust your heart. Everyone sees the truth in proportion to the clarity of his or her heart; thus, it is the heart that opens the mind to learn but not the other way round. Well, this may sound naive, but it surely worth it. 

  • This somewhat regressive situation is unfortunate, as it is obvious that Africans migrated to these countries for economic prosperity with the expulsion been the downside. Now, ...

    “The Only Thing We Learn From History Is That We Learn Nothing From History.” – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

  • but following the outcome of the presidential primaries, what are some of the things which ought to be done to consolidate the victory of the NDC in the 2020 elections?

    In the famous words of Charles de Gaulle, a former French army officer and statesman who led the French Resistance against Nazi Germany in World War II, he said, “France has lost the battle, but she has not lost the war.” The understanding of this quip is that, you can only win a battle but not the war; in that, a war is a composite of endless battles which will be fought at different forms and phases.

  • Prevailing situations under the NPP government does not seem to be generally better than the previous NDC government. It can only said that there are plans in place to ameliorate ...

     Political decision-making is more than just the story of a person’s interest in governance and politics at certain times and places. It is also, and more fundamentally, the story of how a person emerges in different settings and different times, to make a decision that has impact on the economic development, for better or worse, of a nation.

  • Unless we examine the context... settle any personal interest, the fight against corruption would be another story of “Alice in the wonderland”.

    The materialization of anti-corruption begins with the activities of man within the concept of laws that govern the society. Laws and statutes express the will of the people to growth and development hindered by corruption.

  • Today, if Ghanaians will obey the public health orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19, God is telling us that that is better than the prayers and sacrifices we are offering.

    About a month ago, the Chinese hospitals were overflowing with COVID-19 patients, now they are having empty beds. Trials of experimental drugs are having difficulty enrolling enough eligible patients. And the number of new cases reported each day has plummeted the past few weeks.

  • In short, the independence of the EC does not imply absolute influence and control over their actions as an election management body to somewhat defy orders of the Supreme Court.

    Article 42 of the 1992 Constitution provides that every citizen of Ghana of eighteen years of age or above and of sound mind has the right to vote and is entitled to be registered as a voter for the purpose of public elections and referenda.

  • Meanwhile, not so much is known about the experiences of the designated Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Cynthia Morrison, and the Minister designated for Sanitation, Cecilia Abena Dapaah, but...

    There is little doubt that the latest ministerial reshuffle was effected keeping in mind the 2020 polls. With just two years to go, the Nana Addo government is clearly keen to focus on delivery of promises.

  • Religion is the pre-occupation of the day-to-day lives of Ghanaians and this gives a high degree of symbolical power to the clergy.

    The recognition of this social paradox is universally important, i.e., religion and politics are separate entities. Religion is led by faith, not by logic. However, the underlying principle that gives rise to the network of the two entities is law which governs the conducts of people.

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