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  • ASAAP leads the way in assessing the viability of a triple therapy antimalarial via a multicenter clinical trial. Triple therapy is expected to significantly slow down the rate at which resistance of malaria parasites to medication develops.

    Seven reputable institutions across Sub-Saharan Africa, Germany, and France have come together to run the project ASAAP - Clinical evaluation of ArteSunate+Amodiaquine+Atovaquone-Proguanil tri-therapy for malaria treatment in African children. ASAAP is a 48-month-long multicenter clinical trial, coordinated by the Kumasi Center for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine (KCCR).

  • The financial contribution will support a net distribution campaign, while also providing life-saving testing and treatments.

    As part of its partnership with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the Ecobank Foundation is donating US$ 750,000 to the Ministry of Health in Mozambique to help combat malaria in the country. The financial contribution will support a net distribution campaign, while also providing life-saving testing and treatments.

  • Malaria can be prevented, diagnosed and treated. Similarly, COVID-19 can be prevented, diagnosed and treated. Africa must continue to place emphasis on malaria prevention, treatment and control in the era of COVID 19.

    Africa is home to 93% of the world’s malaria cases and 94% of the world’s malaria deaths (WHO, 2019). In 2018, there were 228 million cases and 405,000 deaths from malaria globally. Pregnant women and children under the age of 5 are most at risk. A child still dies every two minutes from malaria.

  • So, how about malaria vaccines? Can the rapid interest in life-saving COVID-19 vaccines spur world scientists on to get us malaria vaccines in record time?

    Good news, as the world works progressively towards COVID-19 vaccines and their administration. Currently, the global figures, one year since the outbreak of the disease, is reportedly a little over 110 million cases of which close to 62 million have recovered and about 2.44 million have died.

  • Malaria remains one of the continent’s deadliest diseases, with more than 400,000 fatalities in 2018 alone. Malaria not only impacts the health of communities across Africa, but prosperity too, as the disease limits economic growth and increases poverty amongst the workforce.

    The Ecobank Group has confirmed its commitment to support ending malaria, launching the first-of-its-kind Zero Malaria Business Leadership Initiative in partnership with Dakar-based not-for-profit strategic communications and advocacy organization, Speak Up Africa, and the UN-hosted RBM Partnership to End Malaria.

  • On this World Malaria Day, I believe we have all the more reason not to forget the importance of preventing diseases in regions of the world where populations are most vulnerable and health infrastructures are oftentimes fragile or already challenged.

    Writen By Dr. Jacqueline Applegate - World Malaria Day is observed on 25 April each year to raise awareness of the global burden of the disease. However, this year, as the world’s attention focuses on COVID-19, it would be easy to overlook this disease which impacts more than half of the world population and kills more than 400,000 people every year.

  • Written By Charles Owusu Juanah - One of the major promises made by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in its manifesto for the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections was the establishment of factories in all the 216 districts across the country.

  • There have been calls for investment in the local production of vaccines not only for COVID-19 but others as well for routine immunization. Vaccine production is capital intensive and has always been the preserve of the northern countries, the Western world and Europe due to their financial clout and support from moguls.

    Written By Theresa Owusu Ako - Ghana is hosting this year’s launch of Africa Vaccination Week. An event celebrated during the last week of April 24th -30th with other WHO Regions and the World Immunization week. The week aims at promoting the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages. The continuous search for a long lasting COVID-19 vaccine brings to the fore the importance of vaccines to human existence from birth to adulthood. Many dangerous diseases can be prevented through the use of vaccines. Some of these are Polio, Measles, Yellow Fever, Malaria, TB and a host of others including COVID-19. Ghana has been chosen to host this year’s event in recognition of its high immunisation status with consistent high coverage rates, commitment of leadership, successes in sustaining routine immunization during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and being the first country within Africa to access and deploy COVID-19 vaccines through the COVAX facility.

  • Therefore, we cannot allow a few conspirators amongst our population to destroy the contribution some amongst our citizenry have made towards putting a cap on the world’s malaria death toll, through well-crafted scientific research.

    The late Alvin Toffler American writer and futurist is noted to have stated, “the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” No time have I found this quote more poignant than in the last few days when I have experienced the height of intellectual and scientific blasphemy that any society may care to inflict on themselves.

  • The figures for malaria are always frightening. By my last check, the Ministry of Health was estimating the total economic cost of malaria in Ghana at $772.4 million. If, like me, such abstract figures are confusing to you, your case can be helped by what economists will term the real cost.

  • The workers will be trained to use larviciding, an insecticide that is specifically targeted at the larval life stage of an insect, particularly the mosquito, as part of the National Malaria Control Programme .

    A nationwide training programme to equip more than 10,000 personnel in the health sector to combat malaria has began.

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