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  • The uncompleted footbridges dotted along the highway leave residents and pedestrians with no choice but to cross the highway on foot, in the face of oncoming speeding vehicles.

    Organizers of the walk, dubbed #fixourfoofbridgesNow, say the walk will come on as scheduled despite recent threats against the conveners and organizers of the walk.

  • The walk, dubbed #fixourfootbridgesNow, is aimed at protesting the lack of progress towards the completion of footbridges ...

    Advocates for the completion of footbridges along the Madina-Adenta-Aburi Highway in Adenta, Ritz Junction, Madina and surrounding areas in Accra, say they are planning a Peace Walk on November 12th, 2018.

  • At the Zongo Junction, about eight assembly guards and policemen are seen constantly directing pedestrians who come to stand by the side of the road waiting for vehicles to stop for them to cross to use the footbridge.

    “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is a Biblical admonition. It may sound ordinary, but it is certainly poignant.

  • It is a national disgrace that for so many years, the uncompleted concrete footbridges have stood forlornly and jutted out uselessly towards the heavens.

    Written By Rodney Nkrumah-Boateng - It was a hair-raising, time-consuming experience waiting to cross as cars sped by, and did involve a fair amount of calculation of whether an approaching car was sufficiently far away to make crossing safe.

  • This week, some police and city officials took to the streets of Madina, to punish pedestrians who refused to use the pedestrian footbridges but instead resorted to crossing the road at unauthorised areas which has been causing a heavy vehicular traffic especially at Zongo junction.

  • The contractor has also added steps to the project to serve as alternative for pedestrians who do not want to use the 50 metre stretch of the bridge.

    One more footbridge on the Adentan-Madina highway has been completed and being used by the public

  • Press Release by Inter-Ministerial Committee on Roads and Highway on N4 Footbridges

    Press Release by Inter-Ministerial Committee on Roads and Highway on N4 Footbridges

    Press Release by Inter-Ministerial Committee on Roads and Highway on N4 Footbridges

  • As he rises to make his statement, none of these doomsday scenarios would be playing on Ken Ofori Atta’s mind. He has things to smile about: we are exiting from the IMF, his Adwuma Budget has made room for 165,000 public sector positions made up of 100,000 NABCO graduates, ...

    Tomorrow will see one of the regular Big Events of Parliament enacted on the floor of the House. The Minister of Finance, Mr Kenneth Ofori-Atta will come to the House and present the 2019 Budget on behalf of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

  • The state, actively connived with a lawless, careless, criminally-minded citizen to kill him. His only crime? He is poor and the state does not care about the poor.

    Written By Malik Abass Daabu - Andrew Ansongmwine was in deep sleep, drinking from that cup of creamy warm milk of early morning sleep when he was interrupted by the urgent calls, followed by ungentle taps. It is his father, Ansongmwine Azaaviel, a labourer at the Adentan Municipality.

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