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dan frimpong

  • In February 2021, the decision by the Valley View University Basic Schools to discontinue with the teaching of the Ga Language because of non-availability of Ga teachers generated copious discussion.

    Kakrr’ was the sound of a machine-gun being cocked for action, and “arretez-vous” was the French command or order, “Stop or halt!” I shall return to my experience in Guinea-Conakry in 1990.

  • For politicians given the mandate to govern Ghana for the next four years, please do so with integrity and selflessness such that come Election 2024, Ghana will not have to repeat the unfortunate incidents of Election 2020.

    Recently, thinking of events of 2020-2021 in our dear country sent me back to the lecture hall.

  • When the 1992 Constitution was promulgated, analysts opined that, like the Ugandan case, our Constitution was designed for one person.

    As I autographed a copy of my book, Retirement Musings for the young Major, I asked for a confirmation of the date.

  • Parliamentarians, lead Ghana by example in obeying the laws you make, and make our nation great and strong! Fellow Ghanaians, wake up!

    In his poem Paradise Lost of 1667 on the sacking of Satan by God to hell, the English poet John Milton invented the word ‘pandemonium’, as the capital of hell. He described pandemonium as the “high capital of Satan and his peers!”
    January 2021 started on a whirlwind note in two capitals, Washington-DC and Accra! Almost simultaneously, there was pandemonium in the Capitol, Washington-DC on January 6, 2021, and Parliament, Accra early January 7, 2021.

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