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We are of the considered opinion that the President, the embodiment of the State, is apparently condoning an impropriety, since we are very much aware our petitions

We, the Adzorvia Council of Elders, the highest decision-making body of the Adzorvia Royal Lineages of the Adzorvia Clan, by the authority vested in us by the Heads of the three lineages and the Kingmakers of the Nyaxoenu House, have noted with dismay and disgust President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo's repugnant decision to appoint the imposter parading himself as the Awoamefia of Anlo, Mr Patrick Komla Agboba , with the name 'Togbi Sri III', as the mediator in the chieftaincy debacle in Bimbila.

We are of the considered opinion that the President, the embodiment of the State, is apparently condoning an impropriety, since we are very much aware our petitions dated 27th March, 2017 and 18th June 2017, respectively, to the President through the Chieftaincy Minister, Mr. Kofi Dzamesi, and copied to the Council of State in June 2017, had been duly received, even though unceremoniously not acknowledged by the Presidency and the Minister of Chieftaincy as protocol and bureaucratic principles demand.  On the other hand, the Council of State, tasked to advise the President, acknowledged receipt of the petition and proceeded to give us guidance with regards to the appropriate quarters to seek redress - which we had indeed already commenced prior to the 2017 petitions which were merely meant to alert the incoming administration to the state of affairs in Anlo and warn the new government not to put itself in jeopardy. 

We therefore find it extremely troubling and bizarre on the part of the President of the Republic of Ghana, man touted as a human rights lawyer par excellence, to be taking a compromising decision which gives credence to a serial contemnor in a chieftaincy dispute case himself, and a man who is presently standing trial again for contempt of court in the chieftaincy dispute he is embroiled in. By this singular action, the President has demonstrated, just like his predecessors, his resolve not to find a permanent and amicable resolution to the Awoamefia impasse.

The Presidency cannot deny they are unaware there are number of cases involving the imposter since it is the Republic that prosecutes contempt cases, and above all, the President’s own closeness to the chamber representing we the aggrieved parties.  We are particularly stunned, as it appears we are being taken for a ride in the whole judicial process, with collusion  not ruled out.   

It is common knowledge that the itinerant herbalist father of the imposter Mr. Patrick Komla Agboba, hailed from Agbobakofe in Logba, and was not a descendant of Torgbui Atsiasa I, let alone Torgbui Sri I. He never made any such claim during his lifetime in Anloga, where he was brought because of his knowledge in herbal medicine. As a result of his son’s insatiable perverse obsession to be called Awoamefia,  developed by the chanced privileged of having resided in a royal family’s house in Anloga, with the support of some unconscionable and ignorant elements within the NDC who did not even know Agboba’s father, he violated the injunction placed on him by the Kingmakers to desist from attempting to be confined and holding himself out as the Awoamefia of Anlo. He and his henchmen were accordingly found guilty, fined and made to sign a bond to be of good behaviour by the High Court in Ho, presided over by Justice Akpaloo on the 26th of November, 2003. This ruling was upheld in a unanimous decision on April 1, 2005 by three Justices of the  Appeal Court,  namely Mrs. Vida Akoto Bamfo, A. Asare and J. A. Osei.

In spite of being found guilty once, like a serial offender, he offended again leading to Suit No. AP88/2011, which entailed his Second Committal Proceedings and 11 others at the Accra Fast Track High Court for contempt with regards to his illegal, purported outdooring - a case that commenced in 2011 and has been rescheduled for hearing on 23rd October, 2019. 

It is imperative for us to lay the facts bare, as the patience of the Royal Kponoe Family has been tried for far too long.  As the legal maxim amply averred, justice delayed is justice denied. This damaging situation cannot be countenanced any longer, as it is causing irreparable harms to the Anlo Dukor and the aggrieved parties.

We entreat the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to live by the tenets of his oath of office to do good to all manner of persons. It is unacceptable on his part, as the President and a lawyer by profession, to condone a culprit on trial and antagonize one faction in a dispute.

We, therefore, are without any equivocation sounding a word of caution to political actors to henceforth desist from playing with the sacrosanct Awoame Zi.

The delay in having a final resolution to the case has thus made the rightful owners of the stool and a lot of the elders and Anlo youth impatient, as it is clear the lack of a properly installed Awoamefia with authority is contributing negatively to the development of Anloland. As peace loving as we are, we were of the fervent belief that a speedy resolution of the case through the court system would help us all have finality to the issue.  Failing that, many are increasingly of the opinion that the heavily compromised judicial farce we are witnessing, the court and the imposter should be ignored and  a rightful heir be installed.  After all, he was not even properly nominated, installed and outdoored in the first place with the Awoame Zi, which he has not even seen before.  Everything about the man is a farce and phoney and we are advised to excuse our august selves from being a part of the sham trial by many well-meaning Anlos.

The government and the judiciary are hereby served notice of our overwhelming vote of no confidence in the judicial  process and our intention to install a rightful heir, once the Lineage Heads and kingmakers have given their support, for which we call on all to await a communiqué from them. 

Enough is enough!


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Andreas Atsu Korkor           Ben Kukubor

(Chairman)                           (Secretary)

0540233984                       0548664860

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