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How could one be made to pay between 150-300% of the value he purchased a car for abroad with embedded tax components like NHIL, EXIM, and other dubious levies?

Finance Minister, Hon. Ken Ofori-Atta.

Dear Hon. Ken Ofori-Atta,  

I'm an NPP sympathizer. I voted for the party because I believed the party sincerely meant a #CHANGE of direction and cared enough about the plight of Ghanaians.

The thieves at all government ministries, agencies and departments, who allow the "wind" to blow away people's very vital documents that arrive on their tables for attention, unless such people put a "stone" on the documents to prevent the wind from blowing them away are part of the problem. The car park attendant,...

The real thieves vs. the corruption perception index


I am not happy. I am not happy at all. It appears that in our chiefdom, we take so much delight in talking and talking but never following up on the talk with any "doing". If there's any chiefdom worthy of the nick name "talk no do" ours would have over qualified to grab that title.

Please next time you are in the spirit and God talks to you, I beg o, can you ask him to tell you how Ghana can fix the unemployment wahala.

Open Letter To The Mighty Prophets - KSM

Dear mighty and powerful prophets of Ghana,

I know God talks to you directly when you are "in the spirit “as you put it. I beg o. I have one small request.

Mr. Ankomah, let us look at some of your specific arguments. I am sure our audience could pick one or two things from it. You said that whether a woman works outside the home or not, she must make sure the house is cleaned, food is cooked and served you, clothes washed etc. When I asked you what your reason for such an argument was, you said that there are roles specific to men and women. So I asked another question: "does your wife use her vagina to cook?"


This is from the little worm who has no spine to you - a Dinosaur of the Gutters.

For the past four days, I have watched you intentionally misconstrued my words, deliberately misrepresented my comment on your post, attacked me incessantly and inspired hate towards me on social media and beyond. What was my crime? I dared to challenge you - the almighty Ace Annan Ankomah who happens to be the demigod of knowledge in Ghana. You described yourself as having been married for 25 years, did Gender Studies in addition to Law which you have been practicing in Ghana for some years now. So I ask, which of the characteristics stated above makes you the demigod of knowledge that you think you are? In other words, do the above listed endeavours make you too knowledgeable to be enlightened? If you think that you have nothing more to learn, then please stop reading books and interacting with people because you learn from them when you do. I think that believing that you are too enlightened to be enlightened was your first act of stupidity. Borrowing your own words, "I am not insulting you, I am only describing you".