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We became toxic in a few months. For some customers, a “friend” had become an “enemy”.

Nduom writes: The wrong we did? Our story

In 1997, we set out to invest and develop “the People’s Bank”. After nine years of planning, preparation and interactions with the Bank of Ghana, First National Savings & Loans Company Limited was granted a license to open for business in May 2006.

Secondly,”One Country, Two Systems” has been proven a remarkable success. Over the past 22 years, Hong Kong has been keeping prosper and stable, ...

H.E. Shi Ting WANG, Chinese Ambassador to Ghana

Since June, several large-scale demonstrations and violent incidents have occurred in Hong Kong, which has aroused widespread concern in the international community. People who care about Hong Kong cannot help but ask, what happened to Hong Kong? Where will Hong Kong go in the future? Hence I want to clarify the following points.

The people of Agotime believe kente evolved from their area before spreading to other parts of the country.

Nene Neur Keteku III, Konor of Agotime Traditional Area

Written By Mary Anane-Frimpong - Agotime is located in the Agotime-Ziope District in the Volta Region. It can arguably stand as a cradle of kente weaving in Ghana.

The Nkosuo Initiative is not only providing innovative leadership, but also building the capacity of the locals, creating new jobs including non-farm options, and ensuring significant market linkages which will outlive the project lifespan.

We can do the impossible, only when we commit ourselves to it

The Nkosuo Initiative (2019-2024) is a Local Economic Development project with a clear aim, “To strengthen, increase and diversify the income of rural dwellers at Trotor and surrounding communities.” The first phase of the community-based project (2019-2021) has seen the cultivation and processing of vegetables, specifically, Ginger, Pepper, Turmeric and Cucumber into products for Ghana and its neighbouring countries.