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I knew then, what many would say, but I needed to do it. I knew the insults to come, the sleaze, the doubtful castings. There was ...

The author, Marricke Kofi Gane, is an independent presidential contestant in Ghana’s 2020 General Elections.

It was a Thursday night in October. I lay on a bed in the little town of Heidelberg, Germany. The room felt heavy, almost as though the thoughts in my head were leaving my mind and filling up the room. Six months earlier, my heart and mind had started forming around the decision whether to go into politics at this level - a process which started all the way in 2015. Back then, I left if at culminating my thoughts into a treatise I titled, "The Marricke Gane Chronicles". I said to myself, at least that's enough. Some folks will take it and find some use for it. Now, it was different - it was taking on flesh.

In the past 50 years, a host of infectious diseases have spread rapidly after making the evolutionary jump from animals to humans.

Passengers at a Hong Kong railway station

The world is grappling with the new coronavirus, which has spread from China to at least 16 other countries.

This Australia Day, we reflect on the depth of our relationship with Ghana. It is an exciting time for Australia in Ghana. Despite being on the opposite sides of the world, we do enjoy warm and friendly relations.

Andrew Barnes - The Australian High Commissioner to Ghana

Australia Day, held annually on the 26th of January, marks the day in 1788 when the first fleet arrived at Sydney Cove, near where the iconic Sydney Opera House now stands. The arrival of 11 convict ships from Britain began the first permanent settlement of Europeans on Australian soil.

The question on the lips of many has been how on earth a tollbooth could be sited in a location with no room for the expansion of the gates and why a tollbooth would be sited in such a populated location.

Fix gridlock on Mallam-Kasoa road

Written By Chris Nunoo - Last Saturday, (January 11, 2020) while monitoring the news on television, I heard the Minister of Communications, Mrs Ursula Owusu Ekuful, say something to the effect that the old Winneba road, along the Chemu Lagoon through the Chorkor suburb of Accra, should be considered for reconstruction and be made accessible.