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It is a crying shame that 60-plus years into self-government, we have Ghanaians who still rely on pit and pan latrines. In a country where every MP, every Minister, every party or state functionary and every pastor goes around in V8, this is a shame indeed.

COVID-19 Has Exposed Us

The dreaded pandemic means many things to many people. For me, the picture of Black Cuban doctors arriving in Italy in response to an SOS from this European country of white men and women, was a moment of triumph for the Negro Race.

What if something should happen and a new President cannot be sworn in by January 7? Will Ghanaians agree to allow the incumbent President to continue till such time that Covid-19 will cease to be a threat to our existence?

President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana. File image

I am not God, not even a Nostradamus, but in all things, I try to see tomorrow. Unless the election of a President and members of parliament (MPs) is so critical to our existence that we can afford to put the health of the people on hold, it is very possible that at the rate at which Ghana is counting its COVID-19 infections, the 2020 elections could be postponed.

I had been hoping that the entry of the virus into our country would make us all so frightened we would want to change our behaviour, but it looks like we haven’t been frightened enough.

Sharing sense and sensibility - Elizabeth Ohene writes...

I am not sharing fear and panic if I state that we haven’t yet seen the worst of the current trouble we are in. You only need to see the figures and the graph of the rise and rise of the coronavirus in Ghana to realise that more infections of COVID-19 will be discovered.

I expect him to emerge out of the present crisis with a radical economic and social blueprint that will cause Ghana to look within for solutions, determined to build its own factories.

Corona, Nana’s Finest Hour

Greatness often emerges out of crisis.
From the ashes of social upheavals and epidemic and natural disasters, great economic policies, often, are shaped.

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