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Since Avea Nsoh, still blindly recognises the former VC of UEW (Prof. Mawutor Avoke), as his VC of UEW, why didn't he go to Prof. Avoke to get the approval in a matter of seconds, and has to waste time seeing the Ag. Pro-VC? 'Man pass man'!!

When Greed, Selfishness And Insanity, Cloud A Retiree's Sense Of Judgment; The Case Of Avea 'N-Who?

A certain character, who has cheated the whole of humanity by shamefully forging his birthdate to enable him continue occupying an undeserved position at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), is clearly proving to be an object of contradiction and ridicule and deserves to be awarded the highest diploma in peddling falsehood.

Our penchant to give it all to God is a phenomenon that does not lend anything to proper scrutiny.

‘No bed’ syndrome, a telling phenomenon of Ghana’s health care

Ghana has introduced a new phraseology into medical practice - the ‘no bed’ syndrome. The syndrome does not exist anywhere, not in any textbook of medicine or nursing so where from this that has resulted in the setting up of committees of the Ghana Health Service and Parliament? What have beds got to do with anything?

Then it was reported elsewhere that both grand ceremonial and political functions were duly performed by our previous government. I ask myself what is happening here? Are we creating facts in pursuit of a political agenda?

Has ‘alternative facts’ arrived in Ghanaian politics?

Written By Colin Essamuah - The past week has witnessed two separate sod-cutting events which led me to my musings today.

No medical care abroad at state expense

I can assure you that, nobody will be found guilty in the investigations, which the Ghana Health Service (GHS) is promising, into the circumstances that led to the death of the 70-year-old man after the LEKMA Hospital and six others refused to admit him due to the lack of beds.

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