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In 2019, if offices still use messengers to transfer messages, and websites for whole governmental arms, do not function when shall the epilepsy end, and the production begin?

Image credit – mayo clinic

Epilepsy is a devastating disease. In our part of the world it is more prevalent. It is a tragedy to see the most complex interconnected unit in the universe, pulverizing itself into uselessness. Neurons that are built to share information with each other, relay implosions of electric impulse that orchestrate brain malfunction.

Whole economies were birthed. Entire generations secured position in society, because slaves broke their backs, and gave their lives.

On Slavery. Image credit - Black Press

It's been 400 years since the first slaves landed in Virginia. Something terrible berthed with that first shipload. Consequences persist today. Societies disrupted. Families torn apart. Humanity challenged in ways that belong nowhere in a world that makes sense.

Politics has always been that cog that connects the aspirations of a people to the achievements of the country. Leadership is the machinery, politics is that lubricant that enables leadership to push the people in the right direction. Politics without ...

On Democracy

It’s minus 4 degrees outside. The sun is shining brilliantly. It is a beautiful morning. The grass still sparkles with the left over snow from 3 days ago. Persisting in whiteness, because the cold claws of the winter freeze will not let it go.

And if there is anything that God has not taken away from human beings where I come from, it is the capacity to dream. The limitlessness of what we can see in our minds is a gift, that is too precious to be swallowed by the reality of the failure we see around us.

On Wakanda

I was in a small town called Celebration a week ago. At a neurosurgery course hosted by an ultramodern hospital, built as a resort years ago. The story is that Disney was not sure a hospital would make money, and built it as a resort as a fall back option just in case it did not. It has thrived. It has impacted. And in one of the many twists of life, here I was, the only one from SubSaharan Africa in a class of 28, at a course for key-hole neurosurgery.

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