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The drive for excellence depends on assimilating enough knowledge about a challenge to deal with it, in the most efficient way as possible.

On Movement. Image credit - flickr

I entered the barber shop not knowing about the increase. I noticed it on the wall, in the middle of the cut. Time has flown, my hair is gone, but there is still some stubble to be trimmed. It’s just that the price had gone up by a whole 50%. Overnight. There were no reasons. There had been a two day notice, and I had no choice. What remained of the hair was already trimmed, and the trimming price had moved, up.

This country has half its population under 18. Our burden of non communicable disease is a fraction of what developed countries have. The top killer of our young people is ...

On Health

There is a certain reality that one must accept as a healthworker in Ghana. There are certain truths to be assumed.

We can choose which side of the divide we want to be on. We are ...

It appears to me that there will always be two groups of people: those who create value and those who do not. - Image credit - Barlow/McCarthy

The human body is an ecosystem of value creation and dissemination. It is a collection of cells with an unimaginable capacity to achieve. The scope of what this collection of cells is able to create is mind blowing.

Kigali is what they say it is... and more. It is as clean as they say, it is as planned as they say. And there is not a single motorbike rider without a helmet. I am from Ghana, so ...

Kigali, the city of Principles. Image credit - Rwanda Times

I have been in Kigali the last 3 days, in the presence of movers and shakers that only the EIsenhower Fellows can pull together. It has been an insightful 3 days in a city that proves that Africa can have a future, if we choose.

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